Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday Best

Grandma Kim made the girls some beautiful new matching dresses and mailed them to us. The girls were SO excited to wear their new dresses to church. Sadie said "I am just like a princess!" and Avri stood in front of the mirror doing curtsies. :) I tried to get some pictures of them in their beautiful dresses. I couldn't get them to hold still for a decent picture. Here's what we got:Talmage couldn't be left out of the photo shoot. And his picture turned out the best! Go figure.
What a bunch of sillies.
But I sure love 'em!


Heather said...

Such cute kids you have! You're never on Skype anymore! We would love to talk with you sometime! We miss you!

amyrose said...

Those are pretty dresses!

Allison Eggett Dietz said...

Man! They are so cute! We SO wish we could be closer so that we could play with them more often! And, of course, hang out with you guys as wel! Those kids are adorable!