Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Our kids are at such a fun age and it was fairly quiet, which was a big bonus for me. Since we have a baby things tend to be crazy enough without a lot of "extra" stuff going on, so it was great to have a quiet year.

This year for the first time we acted out the Christmas story, on a very small scale, as we read the Bible story on Christmas Eve. My parents came to our house and we had a nice ham dinner and then my Dad narrated the story from the Bible. For characters we only had a Mary, Joseph, Angel, and baby Jesus. Here the kids are waiting to start our story. We obviously don't have great costumes, since I'm pretty sure that neither Mary nor the angel were wearing hot pink. But they were all excited to have a costume of sorts to wear.
A very pregnant Mary and "Jofes" as Talmage kept saying. Try as he may, he could not say "Joseph."
I took a video of Sadie being the angel, but I guess I didn't get any pictures. But here is a picture of our baby Jesus in his laundry basket/manger. :)
Christmas morning came around and the kids just couldn't wait to start opening presents.

Even Rigdon enjoyed Christmas since he got help for most of the day with all of the adults around. He loves to take naps when Grandpa is holding him. My dad really knows how to make kids comfortable!
Sadie, so cute in her chef's hat and apron.
Sadie with her Christmas loot.
Talmage and his load of goods.
Avri with her new Barbies from Santa.
And with all of her other gifts.
Sadie's gift from Santa was a huge hit this year. The kids have been very busy playing with it.
Kendall made a new table top for the table downstairs. It's a much nicer wood and a bit bigger.
Then he made a lego top to go with it! One side has lego baseplates and the other is just plain wood, but has raised edges. It works great for doing puzzles because the pieces don't fall off the table.
This has been such a huge hit. The kids just LOVE getting out the legos now. We had the legos before and they played with them occasionally, but having the table has made a BIG difference!
It was a wonderful Christmas. We talked to the rest of our family on the phone and through Skype and ate delicious food and had a great time playing and resting.

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Heather said...

So cute.. Avri and Brookie got the same Barbies this year! I love Sadie's kitchen too... It's adorable!