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Our Family

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stitches Again

This last Thursday at dinner time Avri was messing around on her chair (big surprise there!) and she slipped and fell and hit her mouth on the back of the chair. She bust the skin right open in the same place that she had stitches last February. So we took her in again. It wasn't nearly as hard to make the decision this time to take her in. And it didn't turn my stomach like last time either. So I was able to be a lot more calm. In fact, this time I actually watched him stitch her up. I just hope that she heals up as well as she did the first time.

First, we went to Prompt Care since they are just down the street. But they decided that since it was a face wound and we wanted the smallest amount of scarring possible that it would be best to send us to the emergency room.
So we went to the same hospital that we went to last time. Only they have totally remodeled and everything was really nice and cheery. They even had a tv in the room that she could watch while we waited - not that there was anything interesting on.
Waiting for the numbing to set in.
All done! (She was afraid to smile because she thought it might open up the stitches.)
Only 3 stitches this time! :)
As we were sitting in the hospital waiting I felt a strong sense of deja vu. I realized that Avri was wearing the very same pajamas, they are just a bit smaller this year. haha. Here she is almost a year ago with her first set of stitches.
Anyone know how to get her to be less accident prone and clumsy? Tips would be great!


Heather said...

I can't believe how old she is looking! It's a good thing she busted in vertical and not horizontal... otherwise she might just be a little charlie chaplin or hitler! ;) No tips sorry... keep your chins up?! ;) Bad joke... sorry!

Charity said...

That's too funny about the pajamas, not about the stitches though. Sorry. Can't think of any tips. Keep documenting it though. Could make for some great stories later on : ).