Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rigdon is 4 months old!

With Rigdon being our last baby I was really planning on holding on to every moment with him. And really, I have been. But it just seems to be going by all too fast. My little new born is now the size of most one year olds and just getting bigger every day. But he is so wonderful and sweet. We just adore him.

He is starting to hold himself up really well. We got him a Bumbo and he thinks it is rather cool to sit in it while the kids dote on him, bringing him toys and making funny faces at him to try to get a smile or a laugh out of him.
He doesn't fit in the stroller very well anymore...
The doctor told us that to try to get him to spit up a bit less, we should start him on rice cereal early. It didn't go very well. It always makes such a mess to try to teach kids how to swallow solids. But Rigdon seemed just a little too young at 3 1/2 months. He wasn't really interested in it, so it all came back out.
Only a couple of weeks later he is seeming a bit more interested in eating, so I will give it a try again soon. He is on medication to help the stomach pains, but the only way to stop the spitting up is to thicken the food.

The next big step was his first haircut. I was trying so hard to wait to cut his hair because I didn't want him to look any older than he already does. But it was getting really bad. He looks so cute with his new haircut.
A couple of weeks ago he really found his hands and figured out the connection that allows him to move them and get what he wants. So now he grabs everything and it all goes to the mouth. He also found his toes about the same time and pulled them to his mouth as well. This led to rolling. On Saturday, January 8th (one day before he was 4 months) he rolled over. Kendall and I were enjoying a (very rare) quiet breakfast together (Grandma and Grandpa had the 3 older kids) when we saw Rigdon roll from his back to his front for the first time. And it only took the one time for him to figure it all out. By the end of the weekend he could roll back to front, front to back, over both shoulders, and windmill himself in a circle. So he is a mover now!

Tuesday Rigdon had his 4 month doctor's appointment. His stats are as follows:
Height - 27 1/4" (greater than 95%ile)
Weight - 19 lbs 12 oz (greater than 95%ile)
Head circumference - 17.4" (90%ile)
He is one huge kid! But even the doctor was saying, he really isn't that fat, he is just a really big boy. He has a long torso and he has a solid body build. I guess he is just storing up size so that he can accordion out to a 7 foot tall man.

Rigdon is such a good baby. He is easy going, loves attention from anywhere he can get it, and moves all day long. He has been a good sleeper, too. I feed him about 9:00 at night and put him to bed and he sleeps all night. He used to get up around 7:00 or 7:30, but lately he has been getting up between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. Still, not bad for such a young baby. I certainly can't complain. He also makes his share of noise around the house. He talks very loudly, and we figure he is just trying to keep up with the rest of the family. We just love our Big Rig!


Papa said...

Congratulations on your "big rig"! Hope he will always be a big happy teddy. Good thing he has a big dad.

Heather said...

He is so huge! Tanner was a measly 13 lbs at 4 months... in the 30%, but the 50% for height. I think he's chunking up since he stopped nursing... long story. Nursing sucks, period. I have not had good luck with that. :( We miss you guys!

The Foxy Fam said...

Oh my goodness girlie! I can't believe that chubby little fella is only 4 months old!! Oh my craziness. . . he is so CUTE!! It looks like Santa was good to you guys this year! So fun! Thanks for letting us be part of all your fun memories! :)

Chelsey said...

He's so cute Melissa! I can't believe how big he's getting...all of them for that matter. I love the family picture!!!

argylesocks said...

What a cutie. Seriously. You are such a fun mom. I love all the fun adventures you have with your cute family. Hope you are doing well.