Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We Like to Scare Our Kids

We have had some fun over the years with our Halloween Box that we affectionately call the "trick-or-treat box." The kids now love to show it to any company that we get around Halloween each year. But we just love watching the first reactions to it from our kids as they get to the age where they get it. :) Here are their reactions for you to enjoy as well.

First Avri

Talmage, we apparently never got on video. Sad day for us.

Mercedes came next.

And finally, our funny little Rigdon.

Our box is definitely showing the signs that it has been thrown on the floor a few too many times. It is in sad need of repair or replacement. But next Halloween you will have to stop by our house for a little surprise!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Cutest 2 Year Old

Our cute little baby is growing up. On September 9th, Rigdon turned 2. We got back from our weekend to Michigan and jumped right into a birthday party. We opened presents, which was definitely fun. 
 We did get one real smile out of him.
 Then a bunch of "cheese"-y type smiles.

 Since we weren't home all weekend I just bought cupcakes, and Rigdon was so excited about the Elmo. In fact when he told people that he had a birthday, what he always told people was that he had Elmo cake.
 It's so hard to wait...
Here's a video of him with his funny personality. For some reason it won't play, but if you click on the YouTube icon at the bottom you can watch it.

But it's sure fun once you can dig in!

We just love our little Big Rig. Rigdon is such a bright spot in our lives. He is full of love and life. His emotions just seem to overflow. Everything he does is bigger than life! He speaks so clearly and so fluently, and that, combine with his size, make people think he's a lot older than he really is. Happy Birthday to our sweet little man. We couldn't be happier to have you be a part of our lives!

Trip to Michigan

At the beginning of September Kendall had a full weekend scout training that he was going to, so I decided to take the kids and head to Michigan with my parents for the weekend. My parents got a nice hotel and all 7 of us camped out in the room. It was actually a HUGE room, so it wasn't even cramped.
 The pool is always a favorite.
 The hot tub was only separated by this little barrier, so the kids loved going from the hot to the cold and back again. They were funny.

 We had a family reunion (in which I only knew my parents and grandparents) but it was held on a farm and the kids enjoyed seeing the animals and eating lots.
 It also included an auction. The kids each got to buy something at the auction.
 After the reunion we went a little further north to my Grandma's house to stay for a night. My sister was burried there, at the foot of my grandfather, so we went to visit the grave. It gave me a good opportunity to tell the kids about the aunt that they never got to meet.
 The kids seemed happy to talk about her, except Mercedes. She refused to be in any pictures and got really introverted. I think she was having a hard time coping with her feelings.
 We showed the kids where their great-grandpa is buried,
 Along with some other distant relatives.

 Then on our way home we decided to have a little fun. We stopped to ride go-carts. They had these little tiny ones for little kids.
 It took Sadie a little while to figure out what she was doing, but then she did great!

 Avri, as always, was the cautious one.
 Then the adults got to have a turn driving while the kids rode.

 Round 2...

 Avri thought this was more fun than driving!

It was a great weekend, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. When we got back home, we got home about the same time as Kendall did, and then we got to jump right into a birthday celebration for a little 2-yr old. But that's the next post. :)

First Day of School 2012

The beginning of school has always been one of the most exciting days of the year for me. It goes Christmas, my birthday, Valentine's Day, first day of school. I love new school supplies, the new clothes and back packs and seeing friends that you haven't seen for a while. Now I get to see my own kids growing up and heading off on their own. Avri started 2nd grade and Talmage started Kindergarten this year.
 See? School is so exciting that you have to pose.

 We got a lot of posing this morning!
 Aunt Amber and Uncle Josh were here to see the entire excitement of the morning.
 The nervousness kicked in right as they got on the bus.
 Then I followed the bus to school so I could get more pictures. Yes, I'm one of THOSE moms.
 Talmage had a crush on his teacher the day that he got a letter in the mail from her, a couple of weeks before school started!
 Avri is getting so grown up!
 On their way home from an exciting first day!
 And they had a welcoming committee.

Mercedes started preschool this year. I forgot to get pictures of her first day, but we decided to take pictures of her in her school shirt that she wears for field trips and other things.
 She such a stinkin' cutie.
 And here is the bag that she got to decorate.
All of the kids absolutely LOVE school. Mercedes goes four days a week in the mornings and the other two go all day long. But they have fantastic teachers, good school programs, and I've been able to be a bit more involved this year since I don't have quite so many tag-alongs. :) It's been a great year so far!

A Visit From Aunt Amber

During the month of August we got to have a visit from Aunt Amber. We haven't had any time to really get to know our new Uncle Josh, so it was so great to have them come to Illinois for a few weeks and spend a bunch of time with us!! It was really hot, but we still found time to play outside. :)

 We also went to a Chiefs Baseball game.
 We got a couple dozen hot dogs (!!!) and wrapped all of the foil into a large baseball of our own.
 It was fun to watch a baseball game that was a little more action packed than the t-ball that Talmage did this summer.
 And we even got our picture taken with the mascot!

 We got to read stories, and Amber and Josh took us to the park for a picnic!! But since Mom didn't come we don't have any pictures of that. But it was our favorite!

 Uncle Josh is an auto mechanic, so the guys spent lots of bonding time in the garage and completely replaced the engine in Daddy's truck, along with a few other parts. It was a big job!
 And who doesn't love a fort in the playroom?