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Our Family

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Talmage Turns 4

It's been almost a month now, but on December 8th my little boy turned 4 years old!! I told Talmage that he could have a birthday party this year with friends. He new immediately what the theme was going to be: super heroes, of course! He debated on the guest list for a while. First he came up with a long list that included pretty much everyone he knew. Then he decided that it was going to be a "boys only" party and he cut the list down to four other boys.

As the boys were showing up we had super hero logos for them to choose from and color. They were supposed to be for pinning on the capes that I made for each of the boys. But Talmage was the only one who wanted to wear a cape at first, so it turned out to be just a coloring activity. :)

Next we had all of the super heroes take turns handcuffing the "Evil Dr. Porkchop" and taking him to jail. They loved getting a turn to use the handcuffs.
Then we got to play a memory match game with all of the super heroes. I wasn't sure that all of the boys would be very good at memory, but it was a huge hit! Next we went upstairs to open up presents. Kids at this age are so cute. They get so excited about the gift that they brought that they can barely contain themselves!
He got a few super hero action figure type toys, and this fun bowling set.
Next we had cake and sherbet. We looked for Superman ice cream but never found any, so we went with the next best thing: rainbow sherbet! Here is the cake that I made for the party.
Next the boys wanted to do a little bowling. So they took the game downstairs and Kendall helped them get all set up while I cleaned up from cake and ice cream.
Then, they played musical chairs. I was nervous that they would have a hard time being "out" but they did just fine. They played this for a looooong time. We had put together a playlist of all of the super hero theme songs and the kids got to play musical chairs to it. It was at this point that the other kids decided they wanted to put on their capes. They could see Talmage's cape billowing in the wind as he ran around and they decided that was cool.
For our final activity we took the kids upstairs again where the Evil Dr. Porkchop had escaped from prison and needed to be caught yet again. Only this time, they were each playing the role of Spiderman. They each received a can of silly string and they all stood in a big line and...
they got him!
This part was a little crazy, so we didn't get any pictures during the actual activity, just the after effects. But I think that this was the highlight of the party! The kids absolutely LOVED it! And they were all so excited that they got to take their capes home, which made me feel better about all of the time that I had put into making them. :)

A couple days later was Talmage's actual birthday, and so we had his special birthday dinner, which he picked hamburgers, french fries and orange jello. Just like a miniature Kendall. :) We had another cake for this night.
And of course, opened presents.
He had such a fun birthday. It was a little confusing to him celebrating on two different days because he thought that he had two birthdays and couldn't figure out if that meant that he was actually 5. But once we cleared up the fact that he was still only 4, he was just as happy as could be.

This was the first friend birthday party that I have done for my kids - I know, I'm a lame mom. But now the girls are planning their parties. We will see if they will get them this year or have to wait a bit. I think Avri is definitely overdue for one. It was a lot of work, but also lots of fun, and some good memories!

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Allison Eggett Dietz said...

Man, Melissa! What an amazing party you threw! That sounds like so much fun! Very impressive!!!