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Our Family

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Utah (Part 1)

This post is all jumbled, as far as what order we did things in. But since I have pregnancy brain and we've been home for 5 weeks, we will just put the pictures here, in no particular order.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire time we were in Utah. It was in the high 70's low 80's during the day and cooled off so nicely at night. We were LOVING the dry heat!! I seriously forgot how much nicer it is! One warm day we went to a little splash park for the kids to play. They were a little timid at first, but warmed up to it pretty quickly and had a lot of fun!
We went to the new Trafalga (in Lehi) where Kendall's brother Preston works. The kids had so much fun playing. Sadie loved these tunnels and was being so cute in this little bubble. Unfortunately, all the other kids left and she couldn't find her way down, so I had to crawl my 7 month pregnant body up through all of the tunnels to get her out. Fun times!
This was their favorite ride, The Pirate Ship. They wanted to ride it over and over. Sadie laughed so hard on this ride!!
Now THIS was funny. This ride takes you to the top and then drops you down a little bit, bounces you back up and then back down in a frog-hopping-fashion. Avri FREAKED out! She literally sCrEaMeD every time it went down...during the entire ride. I got a video, but we were all laughing so hard and the camera was shaking pretty bad. But it was the adults' entertainment for the day!
They also rode the planes...
and the train...
and the carousel...
We all had a great day.
Avri and her cousin Hali had a lot of fun spending time together, and they even had a sleep-over two nights in a row. But after a long day of playing hard they were pretty tired.
And Talmage almost fell asleep at the bar eating lunch!
We also spent a good deal of time while we were in Utah visiting different family members and friends. We spent one morning at Grandma Powell's house. We got an updated picture of all of us together to keep on the fridge.
I don't look so short standing next to Grandma. But Kendall sure looks tall!
We seemed to eat a lot while we were there too, which makes me happy. Sadie has always been our pickiest eater, but when she finds something she likes she stuffs her face! Little chipmunk!
Another fun activity that we did was bowling. Kendall's sister Amber was up from Delta with her family for a couple of days and so we all went bowling. We had to get two lanes, but the kids all had a great time. And guess who won? Sadie, of course. Her first time bowling. I guess she's a natural. Sadie bowled a 119!! Kendall came in 2nd with 109, then Avri got a 79, Talmage a 77, and me...dead last with 75. Pretty pathetic! Bowling was more difficult than I thought at 7 months pregnant. But it was still fun, mostly to watch the kids and their reactions!
Talmage, of course, had to use the orange ball.

Sadie found a new love. Kittens. Grandma had two little kittens, and Sadie taught herself how to open the doors so that any time we were at Grandma's house she was outside looking for or playing with the kitties. This one was pretty patient with her.
Sadie was surprisingly gentle with the kitty and would literally cry and throw a fit any time we left because she wanted the kitty. It scratched Avri once or twice, which solidified in her mind that she is a dog person. But not Sadie. She has been pretending to be a kitty ever since we got home from Utah!

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Kyle and Amy Brinkerhoff said...

I can agree with it not being easy to bowl when you are pregnant. I did it a couple of weeks before Addy was born and it was hard.