Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's to cleaning up the random pictures that don't really constitute their own post. :) Enjoy.

Catching fireflies.
Grandpas are good at reading. Even on the bottom bunk.
Road rash on your face doesn't feel very good, especially when it gets infected.
Mercedes thought she would help me clean out the diaper bag. Guess it was time...
Eating at a table just the right size.
Swingin' times!
Sadie's first french braids.
Best friends, at least during the hour that this picture was taken. ;)
Playing at the park with friends.
Mercedes the chipmunk. She loves to keep her dinner in her cheek for later. She is going to have the most rotten teeth if I can't figure out how to stop her.
My content child.
Mr. Cheeser
Grandma and Grandpa love to spoil the kids at the movie theater.
If you can't fall asleep in bed, there is always the floor right outside your bedroom.
Who doesn't love an Oreo?

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Harrisons said...

That's funny about keeping food in her cheeks. Brynlee used to do that when we told her she had to eat something in order to get a treat. One time she kept a piece of squash in her mouth for over an hour. Oh boy, these stubborn kids.