Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Avri's Own Vacation

Avri went on her very first vacation without her mom and dad! For Mother's Day this year my parents decided to drive up to Michigan to visit my Grandma. They took Avri with them. She was so excited to be able to do something so new and different! She got undivided attention from four grandparents! Who wouldn't love that?
On their way home they stopped in Holland Michigan and got to see the end of the tulip festival!
Say Cheese!
I missed having Avri around on Mother's Day. But Talmage and Sadie played really well together, which they hadn't really done before. They became little inseparable buddies. In fact, at church when the primary children went up on the stand to sing, Sadie followed Talmage right up there. You couldn't see anything but her little glasses peering over the side. It was pretty cute.

And Kendall and I took the opportunity to paint the girls' room, since we would only be displacing one child. But that is a post of its own, still to come.

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