Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Stop in Colorado

I'm finally going to attempt to update the blog with our trip to Utah (from which we have been home now for almost 3 weeks!). We left on Friday afternoon and drove through the night to get to Utah. I say we, but what I really mean is Kendall. Kendall drove through the night and I stayed awake as much as a 7 month pregnant woman can stay awake.

We went by way of Colorado so that we could go and visit our dear friends, the Kimballs. We told them that we would most likely get to their place around 7:00 am. However, with the light traffic of driving through the night and Kendall's speed we got to their house about 5:00 am. Rather than wake them up we decided to take a little nap in the van outside their house for a couple of hours. The kids only slept until 6:00 and so I took them for a little walk around the neighborhood. We looked lovely.

After 15 hours and a night spent in the car we looked bedraggled and homeless. In fact here's a funny story. We saw another lady walking with her oldest daughter who was about 16 and her youngest who was less than 2 years old. She smiled at me and said "It does get easier, Mom." I must have looked pretty bad. She came and found us a little while later with her phone number and said that she wanted to give us the opportunity to go out and her daughter would watch the kids. haha! I told her we were only in Colorado for a couple of hours, but thanks anyway.

I enjoyed visiting with my pregnancy buddy. Heather and I had babies 2 days apart. Mercedes and Brooke are only 2 days apart. Neither one of us found out beforehand what the gender of the babies were, so it was fun to be surprised with two little girls. Now, Heather is expecting a little boy 3 weeks before we are expecting our little boy. Here we are in all our first-thing-in-the-morning glory, matching bellies yet again.Danny and Kendall had fun catching up with each other. They have been friends since Elementary, so they enjoyed the time to visit as well. The kids all had a blast playing together.
Sadie and Brookie haven't really ever played together since we moved before they ever had a chance. But they were the cutest little friends, holding hands everywhere they went and giving lots of hugs. I'm sad we don't live closer so they could get together and play.
The kids took turns driving the Jeep around. Oh my heavens, we got some funny videos!! Smashing into the tree, getting stuck on the curb, one time Sadie even dumped Brooke right out of the Jeep! Poor little Brookie. It made for quite the video though.
They made us a fabulous breakfast of Belgian Waffles, homemade heavenly syrup (I can't remember what it was really called, but that's what I call it) and lots of fruit. Very yummy. It added quite a bit of time to our trip, but it was so much fun to see our friends again.

While we were there, we drove by Kendall's old house. He lived in Denver for a year when he was about 12 years old. So we went and found the house. Kendall said the area has grown a ton! But he had fun seeing his old house again.
We thought Denver was beautiful! And my first reaction when I got out of the car was that I could breathe because there wasn't humidity!! Yay!! During our walk the kids were quite interested and curious about the sprinkler systems. They didn't understand why people would hide these sprinklers in their lawn that would just pop up and spray water when nobody was even playing in it! Too funny.

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Heather said...

So fun! Thanks again for coming and seeing us! It was SO great to see all of you! I agree that it's a shame we don't live closer... Especially for the girls and soon to come boys!