Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trip to Utah (Part 2)

One of the other reasons that we went to Utah was for a family reunion for my mom's side of the family. We stayed up in Heber in some cabins and had a lot of fun. I need to gather pictures from my parents...they have some great ones of Kendall and the kids doing a big swing. (I wasn't allowed to swing since Rigdon didn't fit into the harness.)

At night it cooled way down (which I totally enjoyed!) and we had a nice fire and made s'mores. We had bought these marshmallows that were the size of my fist! One marshmallow filled the entire large graham cracker. They were crazy! But made for delicious gooey-ness.
Grandpa decided to read the kids a story before we tucked them into their bunk beds.
The highlight for Kendall was the new skill that he picked up. My Uncle Bill is about as scout master as they come. He brought some materials and taught those who wanted to learn, how to carve spoons. Kendall was very determined and picked it up rather quickly! This was his first finished spoon! I think he did awesome!!
It was so fun to see all of the family again and see everyone's kids getting so grown up! Avri just loved having so many girls that were close to her age. And they even started a "girl's club" which Kendall was informed that he couldn't join. We left from camping to come straight home. It was a long and tiring trip and definitely not any of our favorite car ride, but for a fifth of the cost of flying we will endure. ;)

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amyrose said...

That spoon is amazing! Did anyone get sick on this car trip, or was this the famous first trip of no one getting sick??