Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Besides the bunnies that we have been finding in our garden there are a few other animals as well. Kendall likes to make sure that the kids get to have experiences with these animals.

Here's a snake we found in one of the gardens.
Talmage (our little chicken boy) was the only one who would touch it long enough to get a picture. Sadie wanted to see it, but definitely NOT touch it.
But Talmage didn't really like when it wrapped it's body around his finger.
Then one night Kendall found a toad out in the yard. The kids were in bed, but he brought it in and put it on Talmage's head. This was his first reaction...
And then, he was fine with it!
We didn't get pictures of Avri's reaction (or Mom's for that matter) but they didn't end with quite this big of a smile. haha.

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amyrose said...

Nice snake! We have one that lives in our backyard too, and I like him there so now I'm afraid he might leave if I disturb him!