Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden Galore

**WARNING: Lots of garden pictures. Read at your own risk!

I keep meaning to post about our garden (since it is taking up almost ALL of our time). So here it is, start to finish.

We planted our seeds back in March. By April, we had some good sized plants growing under the grow lights at my parents' house.
As soon as the ground was workable we were out working in the garden trying to get it ready. This picture was around the end of April and you can see the peas growing right up their little fence and in the background are our onions.
Talmage got to help Grandpa till up some of the ground around the planter boxes that have carrots and other root-type plants.
I think he enjoyed that.
In May when we finally started planting our plants in the ground, the garden looked like a bunch of hardware and little tiny green things at the bottom.
The kids begged all day long every day to be able to dig in the garden.
At the other garden we have our grapes starting to bloom.
And this year we planted rhubarb for the first time. Since I'm a rhubarbarian, I'm very excited for when we can start harvesting a little bit of it next year.
Here is the lettuce and spinach and the beginnings of our mulching process.
More mulching.
Mulching around the cabbage and broccoli.
A little closer to home my flower gardens were starting to look very pretty. They are a long way from done, but considering that last year all we had was dirt, it is looking a good deal better.
And we harvested some most delicious strawberries and raspberries from our beds this year. But we decided there aren't nearly enough!
We were so proud when our broccoli started to come on. It was delicious. Now it is all done and we have multiple gallon sized bags of frozen broccoli in the freezer.
Kendall has taken up a new hobby of catching rabbits that like to eat our garden produce. Here is one of many. Avri loves to name them.
Here is the beginning of cabbage. We thought it looked so good.
Only a couple of weeks later we had this...
And now it is the same size or bigger than Kendall's head!
When we came home from Utah this week we went to the garden. Here is a picture that shows proportion. That very small blue shirt is Kendall standing in our mammoth garden. It has gone CRAZY!! In just the week and a half that we were gone the beans, cucumbers and tomatoes all started ripening. The peas are already done and the pumpkins grew up and over the top of our tomatoes!
Here I am (almost 31 weeks preggo) standing next to one of our tomato plants. They are over 7 feet tall!!!
And bring on the fresh salsa (along with the Tums in my case).
Gardening has been really hard to keep up on this year since Kendall is employed and I am pregnant. I had no idea how hard the humidity would be on me, and I'm at the point where I can't haul things around and have a hard time bending. But we are really enjoying working with our hands and growing things. It is seriously addicting. Before this experience my memories of gardening consisted of having to weed 2 rows before I could do any playing. Who would have guessed that I would totally get into it and be hooked?


amyrose said...

What a fantastic garden!!

Sunny said...

Just LOVE this post! THAT is not a garden. THAT is a mini farm and I LOVE IT!

Heather said...

Holy posts! I go camping for a couple days and there are a TON of catch up to do! I can't believe your garden! I'm so jealous! I love all the other stories and pictures. I can't believe how old everyone is looking. Glad your home safe and sound!