Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ammon and Allison (and Hanging with Family)

My little bro just got engaged to the cutest girl ever. Before he made things official, he brought Allison out to Illinois for a week to visit and make sure that she wasn't too scared of the family. :) They put her through baptism by fire since she stayed at our house. :) Here is the cute couple.We went to the Museum here in Peoria and got to see the Lego exhibit. It was very cool. Kendall wasn't able to come with us, so we are going to have to take him back to see it!
She fits right in with the family. haha.
Seriously, though everyone just loves her. Talmage has the BIGGEST crush on her and both of the girls just adore her. She is an elementary teacher just like I was, so we have lots in common.
We got together for a barbecue and outdoor games. I don't think we converted her to the humidity of Illinois, but hey, I'm not converted either!
We also went to the Botanical Garden all together. It's so nice to have people in the family who love taking pictures. Then I get to sit and enjoy while someone else takes great pictures! haha. Seriously though, I'm really jealous of my brother's really nice camera, and now my dad has one too. We might just have to break down one of these days before our kids are all grown up.
Sadie's true colors shining through.
Great little swing, but totally mosquito infested! :P
My parents took Ammon and Allison to Nauvoo one day. We didn't go with them, but they got some great pictures and really enjoyed themselves.
Isn't she adorable?!?
Welcome to the family Allison! And nice work picking a darling girl Ammon! Congrats to you both!

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DeCaires Family said...

I was just thinking with all your photo's that you must have a new camera. Then, you posted this about Ammon and I remember him being into photography. I see now. We have to get together soon!