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Our Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What would happen if...

Talmage has entered a phase that I remember my brother being in years ago. I call it the "What would happen if" phase. I think a lot of boys go through this, and for my brother it is a phase that produced a lot of funny stories and lasted a long time. So here are the two latest stories from Talmage. And I must apologize for the run-on sentences, but this is almost word-for-word how he said it.Story #1: (Talmage coming inside after playing out in the snow.) "Mom. What would happen if a really big bird that had a really sharp beak came and it pecked at our roof and put a big hole in the roof and it came all the way through and then the bird got our family?" (Here he mimes a bird pecking someone on the top of the head.) I then reply "I don't know Talmage. What if that happened?" to which he responds with large eyes "I don't know. That would be weird."

Story #2: (Later on the same day, as I am doing dishes Talmage comes to me for a little visit.) "Mom, when I get older and then I go on a mission, and then I come back from my mission, can we go to the church and all of the girls will line up and I can pick one to marry?"
Me: (Trying desperately not to laugh) "You want ALL of the girls to line up? What about the ones who are already married?"
Talmage: "I will just pick somebody else."
Me: "That sounds like a pretty good idea. But what if you don't know one of them?
Talmage: "Then I will just go to the next girl. I will pick Aubrey. I will marry her.
Me: "What if she doesn't WANT to marry you?"
Talmage: "Then I will pick Maggie."
Me: "Okay Talmage. Sounds like you have it all planned out."

I am glad that he is using that big ole' brain of his.

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Aubrey Scott said...

Your kids are all so cute. And I had to laugh out loud about what Talmage said. Kids are so much fun.