Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mercedes Third Birthday

My baby girl turned 3 this past Friday.
She got some new summer clothes from Grandma Kim and Grandpa Reed,
a Little People Castle with extra people from Grandma and Grandpa Dietz,a spring microphone from Rigdon,
"Don't Break the Ice" from Talmage,
a kitchen mixer from Avri,
and a shopping cart that has a place to put her baby doll from Mom and Dad.
Strike a pose Mercedes!
The missionaries even came by to wish her a happy birthday and brought her a DVD and a little card that they had made. I couldn't believe that they would remember her birthday! We have some fantastic missionaries in the ward right now.

Sadie wanted a yellow kitty cat cake. She got to help pick out all of the M&Ms to put on the kitty cat, which I think was her favorite part! She got to have chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner (her very favorite).
Mercedes is such a fun little person to have in our family. She is probably the most strong-willed person in the family, but brings so much fun and personality to our Clan. She is cute as can be and has the sweetest little voice. She finally decided to be potty trained and hasn't had many accidents since. She is learning her ABC's really well and wants to know what EVERYTHING says, so I'm thinking she will want to start learning how to read before long. She adores playing house and almost always has a baby in her hands or is cooking something in her kitchen. We just love Mercedes to pieces and have had such a fun 3 years with this little girl in our home.


Heather said...

Cute! Happy Birthday Sadie! I just wished we lived closer. Brooke and Sadie would so be BFF's!

Carrie Wood said...

OH, she is an adorable birthday girl. I love that last picture!