Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6 months already?

Has it really already been 6 months? I am always amazed how it feels like my babies were just born yesterday, but how it feels like they just...belong...like they've always been here. Rigdon continues to warm our hearts. He is the sweetest baby. He is full of big smiles, belly chuckles, and as happy-go-lucky as they come.
He is...well...BIG! He continues to live up to his nickname of Big Rig. I won't have stats on height and weight for another week and a half, but he is in 12-18 month clothing if that gives you an idea. My arm goes dead after holding him for more than about 15 minutes and if he falls asleep on my lap my legs will go numb.

Rigdon is a fantastic sleeper. He sleeps through the kids, a room full of screaming toddlers at the gym, conche shell blowing...you name it, he can sleep through it.
He is LOVING solid foods. We started him when he was little, a little less than 4 months, by doctor's orders. This was totally not my style, and he didn't really get the hang of it until he was closer to 6 months anyway. But it helping to reduce the amount of spit-up and reflux that he has had.
He fell asleep face down on his hands the other day. I got him up from his nap and was laughing so hard. I had to get a picture. Poor kid looks like we beat him. If you look closely though, you can see both hands, and even his fingernail prints. (You might have to make the picture bigger though.)
The other kids love to entertain him. If he is fussing there is usually at least one volunteer to play with him. Avri has been the best lately about making him happy, getting him to laugh, and reading him books. Talmage loves making him laugh with funny noises in the car and Sadie is always giving him new toys to play with.

I was looking at all of the kids' pictures from when they were 6 months and I thought I'd put up a little comparison. Can you guess who is who?


Heather said...

I read all your posts, but I'll do one comment here. I love your family. Reading your blog makes me want to be a better mom like you. (Not that I think I'm a bad one, just better) I wish I had a chunky baby. TOTALLY can pick each baby out. Love Sadie's new glasses! She looks so cute and grown up! I'm intrigued about your baby food. To be honest when I started reading I thought "Oh great. She's turning into one of THOSE mom's (hehe)" But now i really like the idea. Once we get off WIC I'll look into it. We just started solids this last weekend. Totally jealous about your camera. So happy about your gym membership. We have a rec we can go to for free in my parents city via HOA dues, but babysitting is not free and it's pretty nerve wracking for germs to drop them off. But the month of feb I excercised 5 x's a week. March is a slow month though ;) I totally do look at myself different now though. Talmage is so cute. What a good thinker! Love the lining up of girls... I think this hair experiment is quite interesting. Nate Coleman did this and he turned into Justin Bieber... Kendall please don't do that.

Well I think that should cover it! Certainly miss you guys! Love ya!

Whitney Parry said...

I love that you posted pics of all your kids at 6 months. They definetly are related! So cute!

Ben and Laura said...

Hey Melissa, my address is 1795 SE Lilly Pl, Corvallis OR 97333
my email is ben.laura.coombs@gmail.com if you need anything else :)

You have gorgeous kids!