Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Cave

I managed to lose a memory card that had a bunch of pictures on it, and I finally found it. So some of these are a little old, but better late than never.

Back at the beginning of February when we had that huge snow storm and had T.O.N.S. of snow, Kendall decided to pile all of the snow from our front yard into one massive pile in the front so that he could go snow caving. (I think he's missing his mountain snow!) So after the snow packed down for a couple of days he dug out a cave that was big enough for him and Talmage to sleep in. Avri decided she didn't want to chance being cold.

Talmage was more than thrilled to be not only camping, but out in a cave in the snow! Does it get any better than that for a 4 year old boy? (Or a 28 year old boy for that matter. :) ) I think not. He looked up at Kendall as they were heading out to the cave and said "Dad, you're the best dad in the whole world. I love you." Here is a picture from outside the cave. The boys are all snuggled in and the door is blocked to keep in their heat.

I was pretty sure with the size of the snow mountain in our front yard that we would have snow until at least May. But then we got this really warm weird weather and two week later this was all that was left of our massive blizzard. You can see exactly where the cave part was.

The snow has been gone for a while now and the flowers are finally coming. So I guess we didn't have snow until May like I thought we might. Thank goodness! Or I would move to Arizona.

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