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Our Family

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



This is a shout-out for homemade baby food. I have known lots of people who make all of their own babyfood. I always thought "That's great for them, but I just think it sounds like a lot of work." But lately, I've been making my own babyfood and it couldn't be easier! Here are the reasons I LOVE making my own:

1) Cheaper
2) Tastes better
3) Smells better
4) Looks better
5) Healthier
6) I KNOW what is in the food I'm giving my baby
7) Doesn't take any longer
8) Rigdon is eating the same foods as the rest of us

I wish that someone would have challenged me to make my own babyfood, even for one week, way back when I had Avri. I could have saved a small fortune, and felt good about what I was giving my kids. At least I have figured it out for my last. But for those of you mommies who read my blog, I challenge you to try it for just a week and see if you like it too!

(If you want tips or want to know how to get started leave me a message and I'll send you an email!)


Anna Oman said...

I have that food mill and love being able to feed my babies the same food we are having. Sorry you went so ;png without knowing, but glad you figured it out!

~Hope said...

I am getting ready to make my own baby food, have any tips??

Charity said...

Way to go, Melissa!! Do you have one of those food mills, cause I have one you can use if you don't. Just got it back from Kara, and I'm obviously not using it. It's especially great for bananas, in my opinion, or other things you don't want to make a big batch of.