Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday nights w/o Kendall...sigh

Sometimes I wish I had someone video taping our crazy life here at home. There are so many funny times. By the time we were done with dinner we had a mandatory bath night for all occupants of the household under the age of 4. Scene: Avri is sitting on the toilet, Talmage is playing with his training potty and Mercedes is in the bathtub with mom bending over her cleaning massive amounts of rice cereal from every nook and cranny.

Avri: Mom, let's sing "Hercules."
Mom: (Singing) "I have often dreamed..."
Avri: No mom, you have to start with the muses.
Mom: You do huh?
Avri: We are the muses, goddess of art, protectors, namafmmn, heroes like HUNKULES!

At this point I burst into laughter, I could hold it in no longer.

Talmage: Mom, bucket head!

I look at Talmage, who loves to put buckets on his head, to see the bowl of his potty upside down on his head. But have no fear, for he has not actually gone to the bathroom in it for weeks.

Mom: Talmage, that is not a bucket. That is gross.

We proceed to get pjs on, brush hair and Talmage is running around yelling "New shoes!! New shoes!!" Here is a picture of the kids wearing their "new shoes." Notice there are no shoes in the picture. He has found a recent fascination with footie pjs and calls them his new shoes. Guess it's time to go buy some slippers.

Side note, the kitten is gone. Avri decided that it was too noisy and said "Mom, we should take Dusty back to those nice people. He is too noisy." Kendall and I jumped on the excuse and promptly returned the kitten to its owner, happy to be rid of the stupidity of our decision. Needless to say, we will not be getting a pet for a while.


Alysia and Michael and fam said...

This is great. Isn't it nice that we have blogs to help us remember these funny/crazy moments of life so we can laugh at them later? Even if they put us on the verge of insanity when they are happening? Love it.

The Gentry Family said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I wonder how you do it...

Deb Nott said...

Fer fun! : )
We have decided not to get a pet for many years ourselves - Merrill is enough like a little puppy any way... when we are eating he will just come and "beg." With his big brown puppy dog eyes - i just give in!

Alisha Harris said...

After a whole day of kids at home it is hard when the dad isn't there at night to relieve you. It is usually for a good reason though. I know Jacob would rather be home as much as I wish he were too.