Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tour of the House...At Last

For those of you who aren't interested in my house, skip this; it is long and probably boring. For those whom I have promised a tour of our new house, here you go! We begin by walking through the front door,up a half flight of stairs, and into: the living room.
Living room from the other side.
We then go through the living room and into the dining room. The table is a bit big, but it fits much better than it did in our apartment. Talmage is pretty much a permanent fixture at the table.
Here is the kitchen as taken from the dining room. Notice that I do not have a much needed pantry, hence all the food on top of the fridge. The kitchen is very small and my least favorite thing about the house, but at least it's mine and I can paint it red if I want to. We are planning on putting in a pantry, buying a dishwasher, and painting so that it is cranberry, gold and white. We will also put in a microwave over the range instead of taking up counter space. All in good time!

This is by far the best feature of my kitchen right now. This is a brand new stove that Kendall bought me, complete with 5 burners and a convection oven! I absolutely love it!
We then continue our tour down the hall and into the bathroom. This bathroom will eventually be purple and green when I have the money for new towels and rugs.
Next is the master bedroom. I had a hard time taking very good pics, but this is what you see walking in the door,
and this is what you see from the other side.Next is the girls' room. Here are the beds,
and here are the dressers/closet (a must for all those pink clothes). I bet you can't find Avri in this picture!! (She had a shy moment.)
This is Talmage's room. It has like no decorations because I'm still really not sure what to do for it. I want Kendall to make me this cool bookshelf that I saw in Pottery Barn, but that requires time on his part, so maybe someday. And I still need to get him a real bed set. And as you've probably noticed, I don't have blinds or curtains in any of the rooms yet. For now sheets and blankets are working.
We now proceed down the stairs and into the family room. This is the TV side of the room,
and this is the book/toy side of the room.Here is the half bath that we may someday turn into a full bath. But not now.
This is the extra bedroom/exercise room. Kendall and I are renewing our weight loss goals and have been riding the bike and doing the push-up challenge (which I am very excited about) as well as a sit-up challenge. I've been doing different exercise videos and just doing fun aerobic workouts. We have had some very sore muscles the past couple weeks, but it feels good. BTW, anyone looking for a good workout or some sort of simple program to strengthen muscles without spending a ton of time, check this out: http://hundredpushups.com/.
Next we go into the laundry/storage room. I really couldn't get decent pictures of this room. It is quite a big room, although it doesn't look like it.

This is the rest of the storage room, complete with a fridge that is right next to...
MY PROJECT ROOM! Can you tell that I like this room? It is the smallest and strangest little room in the house and I love it! I can leave my projects out and work on them a few minutes at a time when the kids are busy or sleeping. Maybe now I will actually get my mending done and fix those broken toys, or finish those sewing projects, or working on my toll painting or... you get the picture. I've already used it quite a bit, and it feels like my little piece of heaven way off in the far reaches of the house. You can't see it, but on the table at the left I have my sewing machine, a phone and the baby monitor!! Haha.
That completes the tour. Hope it wasn't too boring. Or that you skipped it if you got bored.


Heather said...

SO CUTE! I love your little home! After the nightmare you had closing it...you've def made it worth it! You have such cute taste! It looks a lot bigger inside than I originally thought from the outside picture! I love the picture where Avri is hiding! ;) I am also jealous of your stove... So cool!

Tessa said...

Oh my gosh!! I love it!! I'm so happy that you finally put up pictures!

anoyce said...

Oh hi! This is Amy! I was accidentally logged into my friend's account! Haha! Don't worry...a random girl named Tessa is not stalking you!

Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

Thanks a bajillion for doing this! Now I can picture you in your home. And it looks great! I am so happy for you guys.

Harrisons said...

Holy crap!! Did you really have all that stuff crammed into your apartment? LOL. Looks so nice all spread out. I loved the "tour", so thanks. And I have a similar stove which words really just can't express how nice such a little thing can make your life.

Tim Rosanelli said...

Great pictures and charming house.

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Stephen and Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the tour! It was great to see your house. I am jealous of the oven - we sure miss ours! And the project room! I could sure use one of those:)

Alysia and Michael and fam said...

Very pretty house. Your yard is wonderful too. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to be able to paint walls and plant flowers and know it is yours, isn't it? I love that. We have a purple and green bathroom, nice choice :). My favorite colors. I want to do a knights and dragons theme for my big boys room and paint a mural sometime. The little boys want a cars/star wars room. Not sure how that will all go together but we will see. I am excited to decorate a girly room for Alaina too with butterflies and stuff. It looks like we might not end up staying in this house forever like we thought (we might be changing jobs) but I want to do those things in whatever house we end up in if we have to move. Have fun making your home your own with your personal touches.