Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 27, 2008

Around the House in Fall

Fall is in full swing around here. Kendall raked up all of the leaves in the back yard a few days ago and he had this pile, like 10 feet in diameter. We have enough leaves to make Janie jealous. The kids love to play in them. Well, Avri loves to jump in them, but Talmage just wants to use the rake.Then I looked up at the tree, and saw that it doesn't even look like the leaves have started falling yet. But the last couple of days we've had VERY windy weather, so once again, you can't see the yard, just leaves.Mercedes is forever a funny child. Sometimes she gets so tired that she just falls over, and she's asleep. Here she is with my sister, sleeping like a pup folded completely in half.
The kids wanted to go camping, so we set up the tent in the family room and they have slept in it twice. Avri doesn't look like it, but she was really excited about it. Kendall and I are hoping to get the accustomed to sleeping in the same bed for trips that we take.Then, on Friday I took the kids bowling for playgroup. Avri and Talmage both bowled, and I think they both had fun. Talmage though got tired after about frame 6. And Avri bowled so slowly that the ball actually stopped twice and we had to get one of the workers to go get it for us!

That's our update for now!


Deb Nott said...

So fun! I am glad that you are enjoying the fall weather - ME TOO!

The Gentry Family said...

You are such a cute mom! Looks like you guys are having fun.

Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

I AM envious of your leaves! I love this time of year mostly because of the leaves! So take a few jumps in your huge pile just for me! :)