Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Blog About Mercedes

Sadie seems to be the one changing the most, and she is at such a fun and lovable age, so here is a post dedicated to her!

She loves to chew on anything but a pacifier, Her hair is weird, she has two cowlicks close to each other which makes her hair all grow into a natural mow-hawk,
she's quite the charmer, yet a trouble maker, and LOVES to snuggle with her Daddy. (He doesn't mind it either!)
I have a cute little video of Mercedes using her eyebrows to charm, however, I can't get it to load. Maybe some of you blogging experts have some advice? Is it too big, is it my computer, or am I just not smart enough to figure it out? Hmmm.


Deb Nott said...

Hey! SO CUTE!!!
Try loading it to U-tube first then copying the link to your HTML formatting option on the dashboard. I will check with Mark when he gets home if he knows a better way! Good luck! I look forward to seeing the video!

Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

Videos take FOREVER on my computer too. I just try to start loading it and then go do something else for a while and come back to it.

Sunny said...

The video is probably too big. I tried to load a video overnight and it never loaded...it was just too big. Oh and Um Hyrum and Mercedes need to marry! She's a doll!

Sunny said...

They would have beautiful mo-hawked children! :)

Kendall and Melissa said...

Sounds good Sunny! We will arrange a betrothal!!

Alysia and Michael and fam said...

She is super cute! I love the hair. It might just be my computer, but does it have a hint of red? She looks like she has a lot of personality.