Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Trip to Nauvoo

We took a day with my family and we all drove over to Nauvoo. Right as we were getting out of the van Talmage started running around and he fell got a pretty fat and bloody lip, and Mercedes had a blowout and needed a bath and outfit change. Once we got that all squared away, Kendall and I and my mom and dad went to the temple and did sealings for somewhere around 100 people or more. While we were in the temple my brother and sister took the kids to play at Pioneer Pastimes. They had a blast. Here were a few pictures. (My sister takes LOTS of pictures, so I got to see pretty much everything they did.)

They were all exhausted and Sadie got a little sun, but it was a fun and busy day. It felt good to seal so many of our family members together. My dad even got to seal his dad to his grandpa, and that was really cool.

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