Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 15, 2008


I don't have a picture for this post, thank goodness!! As part of living in the woods I am trying to get used to the number of spiders that seem to be constantly present. I HATE SPIDERS!!! They creep me out and I have nightmares about them chasing me. We have one that is living behind our mailbox and Kendall said it is a wolf spider. I told him that they are my least favorite because they are big and they are FAST. He told me that they do bite and that he learned at his recent scout training that they are actually aggressive enough to chase people. So today I actually made Kendall come home from work on a break so that he could kill a particularly large spider that I couldn't handle. While he was home he went out to the storage shed that we have in our back yard. I had told him that they was a HUGE spider out there and that I would never be going anywhere near it again after I saw it once. He figured it was some normal spider and that I was overreacting. So he went out to save the day and get it. When he came back in I asked him if he saw it. He said he wasn't sure if the one that he saw was the same one I saw, but that he had killed one that he named Aragog (the spider from Harry Potter) before he sent it to the next world. It is literally about the size of a mini disk or so. Like 4 inches in diameter. And he said it had a huge egg sack that it was carrying around. So I will now sleep much better knowing that it is no longer.

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anoyce said...

Oh my goodness...that is absolutely disgusting!! I would have called Kenneth home for that too!