Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 15, 2008

Moving experiences

For some people it is picture day, for others it is washing their car. For us, our problems come with moving. When we moved to American Fork we had a big power outage the whole time we were trying to unpack and we couldn't see. This time we moved in and there was a water main break right in front of our house. The water was bubbling up from under the road for about a day and then I called to report that there could be a problem and they came and put this huge hole in the road right in front of our house and turned our water off (luckily it was only for one day). Then we had a boil order for the next two days, so we couldn't drink the water, but since I didn't have my stove yet I couldn't boil it either. So bottled water only. At least we always have our stories.

This picture was taken from Talmage's room. The kids were quite fascinated watching the man climb down into the 8 foot + hole and disappear and the tractor and all. It took Avri like 2 hours to fall asleep at nap time.


anoyce said...

Wow! You guys certainly are having lots of crazy experiences there! Hopefully things settle down soon!

Harrisons said...

Hey! Is that remark about picture day directed at me? It's the truth. I can't believe how big your kids have gotten this summer! Glad you'r getting all settled and thanks for all the pictures.