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Our Family

Monday, August 25, 2008

Advice Please?

Mercedes got pretty sick last night and she has a fever. It isn't dangerous or anything, but she is terribly miserable and she is such a stinker about medicine! I try to give her Tylenol and as soon as it reaches the back of her throat it gags her and she throws up EVERYTHING that is in her stomach. It turns out to be counter-productive, since now she is hungry AND she still has a fever. Any advice? My other kids weren't too bad about medicine so I don't know what to do. I've tried doing it quickly to get it over with and slowly pouring it down her throat. She will NOT take a bottle, no matter what, and I haven't started her on solids yet, so I can't mix it in with anything. I'm at a loss. Whoever said being a mom was easy. You'd think with 3 that I would have a few tricks for things like Tylenol, but no. Once again, Macie proves to be my most high maintenance child. It's good we love her so much!


Deb Nott said...

The only thing I have is if she is old enough for rice cereal, you might try mixing it in with that....GOOD LUCK!!!

Heather said...

Oooh no fun! My only thing is try putting the medicine in her cheek. Then give her her binky and see if she'll swallow it on her own. I have had to give brookie her amoxacillian by sticking my finger in her mouth so she would chew on my finger while i gave it to her.

If she still throws up her medicine, then just try the temped bath thing to help get her fever down. The temped water will help draw some of the heat out of her body. Let me know if you have any questions!

Harrisons said...

You'd probably want to ask your pediatrician about this first and for the correct dosage, but when Bryn had this problem, they gave her Tylenol supposetories (sorry -- don't know how to spell that word!) No fun, I know, but they work. You can get them at the pharmacy without a perscription but they keep them behind and you have to ask for them. We're going through the same thing tonight with our sweet girl! No fun.

anoyce said...

Oh no! Poor thing! I have no advice (since I have no kids) but I hope you find something that works soon!

The Gentry Family said...

My friend Nicole does blog layouts, so she helped me with mine! There is a link to her site from my blog. You should check it out, even though I think your blog is super cute already! How are things with you and Kendall???