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Our Family

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Second Failed IUD

No, I am not pregnant, at least we don't think. But yes, my IUD once again has to be removed because it is not doing its job correctly. I guess my body just is not equipped well enough for an IUD. So now I will be going on the mini pill; I am nursing and don't have a ton of other choices. But the bad news is that the nurse was saying that they just aren't as effective as the regular pill, so I live in almost constant fear that I will become pregnant again. The other bad news is that my IUD has moved up inside so far that they may have to sedate me to go in after it in an outpatient surgery thing. My luck is just not there!


Deb Nott said...

HOLY COW! Melissa! That does not sound fun at all!
Being a woman is a lot of maintenance isn't it? It really seems like you are the Job of the woman issues! If it is any help at all - you are an inspiration to me - you are so patient and you really bear it well.
Be sure to keep us posted!

anoyce said...

OH Man! That is insane!! I'm sorry that you are having a hard time with all of this! Goodness, keep up all posted!

Heather said...

OH goodness! I gasped when I saw the title of the blog... Danny came running in, "What? What?". I hate being a girl. I hope it goes well for you being on the mini pill. I ended up getting an IUD, but only after having to talk Danny through it... for a long time...

But this comment is going to count for all your posts!

OH MY GOSH I HATE SPIDERS TOO! EWW... I'm so sorry you have gross ones like that.

You're little ones are growing up so fast! Mercedes is SO cute!!! How much does she weigh now? Talmadge is such a little boy! Avri is HUGE! She looks so old! I can't believe it!

I hope you're enjoying your house though... moving is a pain. If it makes you feel better I still have boxes in my garage and we moved directly here and have had more time to unpack than you AND I only have 1 immobile child. Speaking of which she doesn't roll over yet! So that is so fun that Mercedes is so mobile!

We miss you guys tons! We love you!

Alysia said...

Hey, Melissa. I just found your blog - it is very cute! You'll have to teach me how you put the nice background on there. I'm sorry about the IUD thing. I have one right now and I am so nervous it is not going to work, or it will end up in a bad place. I so don't like the idea of the side effects of other things but there aren't a lot of other choices if you want a little break from babies. I guess the Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle, but sometimes it is hard to agree with him about what we can handle, LOL! Good luck!

The Gentry Family said...

That is so not fun! I'm sorry! How are you guys!? Long time no chat! I hope things are going well for you and your kids. Keep in touch!!!


Paul, Janie, and McKay said...

What a bummer about the IUD. I am seriously so afraid of those since you and Gabrielle's situations with them!

Yuck about the spiders. Better move back to Utah :) My brother and his family are moving up to Davis Co. this week so now we feel REALLY alone!