Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 15, 2008

Talmage the Character

Talmage is growing up really fast all of a sudden. He's tall, and he talks all day long. Avri and I seem to be the only ones who understand what he is saying all the time, but he is so full of life. He is starting to get interested in the potty, so we are going to go buy a training potty this weekend to encourage him. I think it's still a ways off though. He LOVES Mercedes and is so soft and gentle with her (is that a toilet paper?). He likes to hold her, but the only place that I feel is safe is the Luv Sacs, so here he is being a big brother.

The other day my dad and my brother got out the canoe and took Avri and Talmage for a ride on the pond right behind their house. They thought it was awfully cool and didn't want it to end. Talmage helped paddle.
Talmage is also getting really independent. He wants to peel his own banana and get in the high chair by himself, or better yet skip the high chair and sit in the booster seat. He's mostly happy unless he's throwing a temper tantrum, which he is getting quite good at. They don't last long though because when Mom leaves the room and there isn't anyone to scream for he stops. Talmage is my child that I go to when I need to laugh. Enough said.

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