Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday was Avri's first day of kindergarten!! I can't believe she is getting so big.

All ready to head to the bus stop.
Waiting for the bus. You can kind of see her nice black eye that she got almost a week ago! Of course our little "Bonky" would have a black eye for the first day of school. She and Talmage collided heads and Avri was the only one to show any signs of the collision.
She was SOOO excited to go to school. Not a bit nervous. I spent half the morning crying.
And there's the bus.
Yes, I followed the bus to school and we got some pictures at the school as well. I think I was in the majority of parents though. There were as many parents at the kindergarten line-up as there were kindergartners!

Getting off the bus at school for the first time.
And she knew right where to go, too. Didn't even notice my mom standing there taking pictures of her!
She is so grown up. *sniff, sniff*
She went and got in the front of the line. Nobody minded, but we'll have to work on that.

She has been doing great! She brings home and "conduct report" every day and the teacher has only had shining things to say about her. She already has a new best friend that she eats lunch with and plays with on the playground and she is absolutely loving everything about kindergarten. And I'm not crying anymore when she leaves. :)


danniellespackman said...

So grown up! Glad that she likes it! And love the big rainbow name tag!

argylesocks said...

I cannot believe that. She is so cute and you are so cute.