Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoying summer

We've been enjoying summer, and trying to stay cool. We've spent many days outside playing in the water. This is a good place to eat messy foods like Popsicles and cupcakes.
We continue to play with yogurt cups when it is too hot or too rainy outside.
We also take a lot of baths since we seem to be constantly sweaty. But bath time is never so fun as when Daddy is in charge.
Nap time is hard. We just look out the window and wish we were playing. (One day during nap time I heard some little feet getting their shoes on and getting ready to go outside. I asked Sadie what she was doing and she informed me that she was going outside to catch birds. I guess she wasn't closing her eyes like she had been told.)
As I get bigger and less comfortable I've been letting the kids do a lot of things on their own. One of those things is getting dressed in whatever they choose. Avri was particularly proud of this concoction. We called it her "Fancy Nancy" outfit. Luckily we weren't going anywhere that day.
We have been trying to eat the food from our garden, but it puts out way more food than we can keep up with. Here is Kendall grilling up some delicious zuccini from the garden.
While we were in Utah we got the kids each their own Book of Mormon. They were more than thrilled!!
We seem to stay way too busy and the kids just keep getting so big! But we're having lots of fun being so busy. And now we are really looking forward to the cooler fall weather!


amyrose said...

That bath picture is just too funny!

Heather said...

I can't believe how much Sadie looks like Avri in the picture of her laying on her bed! So cute!!! I love all your posts and pictures! Such cute kids you have! Love the yogurt cups too... Man I wish we lived closer!