Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bedroom Redecorating

We have been working (somewhat slowly) on redecorating the kids' bedrooms. Here is the before picture of the blah tan walls. The ceiling fan is new though. Avri was SOOO excited about the addition. We actually painted it Mother's Day weekend while Avri was in Michigan with my parents. She was so excited to come home to the new room!
Ready to see Pepto Bismol pink? As we started painting, Kendall called it the Death By Pink room. It left a pink glow down the hall. But as we've added a few things to the walls and put the furniture in, I actually really like it now.

I bought matching bedspreads for the girls and they just love them! They love the butterflies that they have on their decorative pillows.
Then we got a few flowers to dress up the dresser. Now, I just need to make the curtains. I've had the material for a couple of months now and I'm just waiting for either time or a burst of energy.
The boys' room is a bit further from being done. But Talmage is in a destructive mode, so we won't be painting until he stops ruining things. This is the general color scheme that we will be using.
We bought a loft bunk bed for them, and we are just leaving the bottom bunk out until the Big Rig is ready for it. Until then he has a little place to play. :) So with the bunk bed and the crib it's a bit of a tight fit, so we had to put the dresser in the closet. However, the one that we had was too tall. But on my way home one night I saw a dresser on the side of the road with all of the garbage. It was painted all off-white and looked like it had been sitting in a garage for quite a while. So we cleaned her up, and painted her. I went bold...
I'm really happy with the results. It's bright, but matches great and I'm proud of myself for not being boring. :)
There is still a lot to come, but it's coming along.


amyrose said...

Wow! That dresser looks fantastic! Great work. The girls' room looks good too, and you're right it does work really well once you have all the things in it.

Heather said...

i LOVE the dresser! Plus the pepto room looks great too! You did an amazing job! Thrify Blog would be proud! Way to go bold!

DeCaires Family said...

Love the dresser! great job! We have Ashlyn's dresser in the girls closet. The rooms just can't fit that many things!

Jennifer said...

I love that dresser! The colors are fantastic. Way to be bold. It paid off. :)

danniellespackman said...

I'm with everyone else! I love that dresser.

Carrie Wood said...

I understand the "glowing" paint feeling. I felt a bit like that after painting Audrey's room green - I mean after Melissa painted it for me. :) I love it though.
Great job decorating!

Stephen and Gabrielle said...

Love the dresser!

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Jack Kung said...
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GK said...

Chanced by your blog, very cute. I cant believe i actually liked the pepto bismol pink walls !