Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mercedes Birthday!

So I posted a happy birthday to our little 2 year old, but I never put a post of what we did for the special day.
We opened presents throughout the day. She mostly got baby doll "stuff." She got a doll that giggles when you move in front of its face, and a high chair, diaper bag, bottles, baby food, spoons, bib, the works for that doll. She is such a little mother these days and hardly goes anywhere without a doll in hand. She got big girl undies, to encourage the hope that she will potty train before the baby comes. She had to put on 3 pairs at once. We also got her a little wooden table with chairs. They are nice and sturdy and have been put to many uses already, with all the "tea parties" and coloring that have been done at that table. The kids have even eaten at that table a few times during General Conference. It will also work well when I start doing a joy school co-op in the fall.
It turned out to be a cold day, but we took the family to the zoo. We decided that it made sense to get a pass. We only have to go 4 times to pay it off, and we're already half of the way there! Because it was cooler the animals seemed so much more active. The Rhinos were terrible show-offs, and that was fun watching them chase each other and play "king of the hill" and Sadie just LOVED the petty zoo. She was so brave. All of the kids were. Avri was actually petting the pony while she fed it. It was great!Sadie wanted cupcakes instead of cake, and I just realized I didn't get a picture of them, but they weren't that fancy. Just cupcakes with little frosted animal crackers on top. We had her favorite foods for dinner, rice and peas. I also made chicken which she likes, it just wasn't the part she was excited about. She sang the whole "Happy Dat-Day" song to herself and clapped when she blew out the candles. She is such a sweet little person and can always make me smile. Now when she sings the birthday song it end with a great big blow. (I guess you can't sing it without candles.) It was a fun day and she was so sweet. Sometimes all that attention can make them a little crazy, but she was a perfect little angel. The only company we had was my parents so it wasn't too crazy, but just a fun day.

Here is a great little video of her blowing out the candles and singing herself a song.


Three Men and a Janie said...

I like all these posts about Sadie. I can't believe she is TWO! Seems like just yesterday we were coming to see you guys in the hospital. She truly was a beautiful baby and is growing into such a beautiful girl!

Jennifer said...

Oh, she is such a little cutie!

argylesocks said...

She is too stinkin' cute. I can't believe how big she has gotten and what a good talker she is.