Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Celebration

We've started an Easter tradition that the Easter bunny comes Saturday morning so that we can do all of the eggs and candy on Saturday and have Sunday to focus on Christ and the true meaning behind Easter. So here is the loot the bunny brought this year.
Oh, and as a side note, I thought it was funny that the kids were a bit nervous about some strange bunny coming into their house while they were sleeping. Talmage, who always insists that his bedroom door stay open a little bit wanted me to close his door and LOCK it so that the Easter bunny couldn't get into his room. haha. Funny little chicken.

The Bunny took all of the kids' yogurt cups that they love to play with (I'm telling you, who needs Toys R Us when you eat yogurt?) and built a barricade in the hallway so that the kids couldn't run into the living room and take a peek before Mom and Dad were up. I think this was the kids' favorite thing about the morning! They thought it was great!

Let the egg hunt begin...

Sadie got all of the ones up high.
The bunny brought bubble guns for the whole family. They are battery powered, so you pull the trigger and hundreds of bubbles come pouring out. They were a HUGE hit, until the floor was so covered in soap that the kids couldn't stay upright anymore. We had to take a little break to mop the floor before we could continue the festivities. Needless to say, they are outdoor toys now. :)
It was a fun morning. The kids got matching Easter outfits from Mom and Dad and we've been on a sugar high ever since that morning.

On Sunday (as well as Saturday) we had the privilege of watching General Conference from home. What a wonderful way to focus on Christ. The messages were so uplifting and inspirational. We had some wonderful discussions with the kids about what Easter is all about. Besides the fact that Talmage thought Jesus fell in a hole, which was his tomb, they really grasped the meanings quite well. They almost cried while we talked about His Crucifixion and Talmage and Avri both said "but I LOVE Jesus." This led to a wonderful discussion about how He loved us and that was WHY He died for us. They loved that He was resurrected and that we get to celebrate this happy aspect of that final week for Easter. They were amazed that Jesus was so forgiving of those who condemned Him. It is so astounding how much a 2, 3, and 4 year old can grasp. We underestimate children way too often. They are so pure and loving and understand so much more of the things that really matter than I think any of us know.

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Heather said...

love the yogurt cups! So funny! I just heard of that tradition with another family of doing everything on Saturday. We might adopt that... I really quite like it!