Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby on the Brain

It seems like the minute I find out that I'm pregnant all of my thoughts have some sort of way of getting back to the baby. With everything I do, there is this little thought in the back of my brain about "Will this be good for the baby" or "How will this be different in so many months when the baby comes."

Lately, I can tell that this is starting to rub off on the rest of the family. My belly is big enough now that it gets "in the way" when I give Kendall a big hug. The kids frequently come up to me and rub my belly and talk to the baby. Sadie asks to see the baby and I have to restrain her from exposing me in public. We are all excited about the baby.

Kendall's sister just had her first precious little baby girl a couple of weeks ago. Natalia Grace is her name and she is beautiful. The kids were so excited to see pictures of her and Sadie just oogled (is that a word?) over them going on and on about the pretty baby. Now they can't wait to see her when we go visit this summer.

Over Easter weekend I started feeling the baby move! I was 16 weeks, which was about a month earlier than I felt Avri or Talmage, and like 6 or 7 weeks earlier than I felt Sadie! It's been amazing to feel this little nudger get stronger and stronger every day. It won't be long before Kendall and the kids will be able to feel the movements. My ultrasound is one week from Monday, and we ARE going to find out the gender this time. So after that, I will put another post and I'll even get a picture of my already huge belly. So leave your guesses in a comment! What do you think we are having this time?


Ammon said...

Its a Girl

argylesocks said...

For the sake of Talmage, I am going to say a boy. But in all reality I kinda think girl.

Heather said...

I agree with Martha. For Talmage I hope for a boy... but I really want you to have another girl for our little girl... ;) selfish I know.


P.S. I totally know what you mean by baby on the brain! I'm so there with ya! Sadie and Brooke are so similar... Brooke now has started sharing her food with my belly... but I tell her it's going to drink milk first, so she shares her sippy... and is constantly trying to unveil my battle scars from her... Man I wish we lived closer!

Carrie Wood said...

BOY - All the way!