Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 25, 2012

Soccer Season #1

We signed Avri and Talmage up for soccer this spring after they did much begging. It was a fun season, although busy with two different soccer schedules to keep up with. The weather was actually very nice for us. A couple of days were chilly but they never had to play in any real rain, so it was nice.
 Start with some warm-ups and a few drills and practices. Avri was on the same team as 3 of the kids that we go to church with, so she had a lot of fun being able to know some of her team beforehand.
 Talmage had a couple of the boys from preschool on his team, so he also had fun knowing some of his team. Avri's games were more interesting as far as a game, but Talmage's group was just funny to watch.
 They also did some warming up...
 And some practicing.
He even got a couple of shots at being goalie.
 One of the highlights for him from the whole season was when he was playing goalie and he saved the ball from going into the net. He was so proud of that save!

  He loved the first couple of practices and games, and then I think the ball hit him in the stomach a couple of times and he kind of stepped back and let everyone else play while he just kind of watched.
 So we saw a lot of this.
 And this.
 But he still said he liked it.

Avri loved it from day one. She always played with a great big grin on her face.
 But she was still very timid.
 We told her that she would get a treat of her choice if she ever scored a goal. It never happened, but we did go get ice cream after one particular game when she tried so hard.
 Rigdon loved the time outdoors and is actually quite the little soccer dribbler himself!
 And Sadie loved running around with the other little kids and making friends. She is such a little socialite!
The only problem that we really had were the ticks. We had to check for ticks after every game and practice because they are so bad this year! I have pulled 4 off my kids. Both of the girls have been bitten and Avri even had to go on an antibiotic for 3 weeks because it was starting to look suspiciously like lyme disease. So we have a long summer ahead of us with lots of tick-checking. But we are excited for another soccer season to start!


Allison Eggett Dietz said...
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Allison Dietz said...

What adorable pictures of all your kids!! The pictures of Avri make me smile as they remind me of my childhood soccer days! What a blast!!
Miss you guys! I hope that we get a chance to see you guys sooner than I think!