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Our Family

Friday, May 25, 2012

I SEE!!!

I got my main birthday gift a little late this year, but it has been the most amazing gift ever. On March 16th I had Lasik surgery done on my eyes. I was excited for weeks leading up to the surgery, and then the day of I got a little nervous. It was probably one of the most bizarre things that I have ever done, since you are actually awake during the surgery and you just watch them as they are working on your eyes. But it is such a fast procedure. The whole thing, prep time and all is about 10 minutes per eye and the actual laser part only lasts for 15 or 20 seconds. But after the surgery was over I was able to sit up from the operating table and read the clock across the room.

The day of the surgery I came home from the procedure and was told to sleep as much as possible to allow my eyes plenty of time to heal. Everything looked cloudy, or like I was looking through fogged up or dirty lenses. But by the next morning I was able to see very clearly. I went in the following morning and my vision was already 20/20 and no longer cloudy. By my 2 week appointment I had 20/15 vision in both eyes and I haven't even had the dryness that most people complain about as a side effect. It has been a life-changing thing. Something I definitely wish I would have done 10 years ago. I still am amazed when I go to bed and can see or when I wake up and don't have to hunt for my glasses. It is amazing to go to the pool and not worry about losing my contacts. It has been the best birthday present ever, and it still seems like such a miracle to go from something worse than 20/400 vision to better than perfect with 20 minutes on an operating table.

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Heather said...

So jealous!!! I want it so bad! :) But I guess I need to wait out at least 2 more pregnancies. :(