Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Little of This and That

Rigdon is getting to be quite the little helper these days. He is 20 months old going on 8 and figures he can do anything and everything that the older kids do.
 And for the most part, he does!
 Our pet squirrel, Marvin, is back. He will come right up to the back door and wait for the kids to give him bread. He runs away if I try to give it to him, but he really likes the kids.
 And they love to watch him as he eats it down to a size that is manageable for him to take back to the nest.

 Grocery shopping is always fun, but it gets a little squishy sometimes!
 Rigdon has made the leap into a big boy bed!! Once he figured out how to climb out of the crib we just went for it. I just want to kiss those sweet sleeping cheeks!
 But he looks so tiny in that great big bed.
But if his brother joins him then it isn't quite so empty.


We all enjoy a little story time.
 Avri and Rigdon are good friends. They held hands like this all the way home one night.
 Avri occasionally walks in her sleep. We found her here one night. She wasn't sick, just forgot why she came into the bathroom.
 But we all fall asleep in funny places once in a while.
 Grandma loves to take the kids to the movies, and if all of the kids are going I usually get to come along. ;)
 Talmage's preschool had a unit on clowns and they got to have a magic show by Ronald McDonald. It was a very cute show and the kids all loved it. But he was HUGE! He is as tall as Kendall (6'4") but something about the huge shoes and bright yellow clothes made him a little scary up close. But we still got a couple of good pictures.
 Sadie, as ever, was the bold and daring one. I fear for the teenage years with that child!
And those are a few of the crazy things we have been up to in the past few months.

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Heather said...

I love the picture of where you found Avri. That is hilarious! Your kids are ADORABLE! I can't believe what a little man Rigdon is! We were thinking about switching him to a big boy bed, but he still doesn't even attempt to climb out so we may wait til August when he's 2. :)