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Our Family

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shedd Aquarium

Yesterday was my Mom's 50th birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!! She insisted that she did not want any parties or anything that was going to be embarrassing. My Dad got her a Caribbean Cruise which they will be going on in about a month. But as for yesterday everyone took the day off work and we all headed up to Chicago to go to the... Shedd Aquarium! I've never been here but it was AMAZING! It was a community discount day, so still expensive but totally worth it!
This was hilarious. The fish loved Sadie! There were two different fish that swam right up to where she was standing and they would face her and sit there looking like they were talking to her. One did this for probably 5 minutes!
This tank had a diver in it and he was feeding the fish. He came right up to the glass and waved to Avri and fed the fish right in front of us.
Enjoying some jello at lunch.
My mom and dad enjoying a nice birthday lunch.
Talmage taking in the dolphins. They are so people-friendly. Great show animals.
Petting the starfish and sea urchins!
Enjoying the penguins. One came right up to the glass and waved at Sadie. Maybe she is just the right size for all these aquarium animals.
This is us waiting for the "Fantasea" show. It was AWESOME! The kids were totally thrilled. Next time though we are going to go and sit front and center. That's where all the action is!
These spider crabs were disgusting!! Totally looked like gigantic spiders. But I bet their legs are yummy.
When we went to see the sharks we got to see the sawfish. They said that she rarely comes out, but she was quite showy yesterday. Did you know that sawfish have bellybuttons because they have live births? My little babies with nice round heads sound much nicer than giving birth to a saw!
In the Polar Play Zone the kids could put on these cute little penguin suits and slide down the "ice" slides and play.
One the way home we were right in the middle of rush hour traffic is downtown Chicago. Not fun. It reminded me of how much I don't miss Salt Lake traffic. And then it started snowing and the wind was rushing through. It made for a not pleasant drive home. But this was what the back seat looked like.
After we'd been on the road for about an hour and a half we stopped at Red Lobster and got a delicious dinner and then finished out our trip home. It was a long day, but so much fun! The kids each had their own favorites. Avri liked the Clownfish, Talmage's favorite was the sharks and Mercedes said she loved the penguins. She does a darling impression of them, too! Happy Birthday Mom!

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Heather said...

That is so fun! Danny and I have an annual pass to the Living Planet Aquarium (which is tiny) but still fun to go to in the winter. Brooke loves it! Looks like (obviously) the littles did too!