Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For Jeff and Colette

Kendall reminded me tonight that we have certain family members who check our blog every Sunday and that I haven't been posting much lately. :) When I went to look and see what pictures I have, they are very few. :( So here is what I have. This is what we've been up to.

Dutch oven cooking...Cutting up and drying 6 whole pineapples...And struggling with nap time...I still see Mercedes as my little baby, but she is far from it these days. She has very definite opinions on things and if she does not want to take a nap she empties every drawer and shelf that she can get to!!! I don't mind this once, it gives me a chance to get everything reorganized. But daily it gets pretty old. She's so stinking cute though, that you can't stay mad at her for too long.

Oh yeah, we set up bunk beds in the girls' room and those have been quite the hit. Talmage calls them "bump" beds. He is insistent that this is their proper name. Since the girls had lots of extra floor space I moved the "Book Nook" into their room so that Talmage could set up his race car track on his floor. But if Mercedes can't control her book throwing urges it may end up back in Talmage's room.

One other funny thing that I just thought of, a quick story about Talmage. Kendall and I have been going on dates every Friday night. Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa watch the kids for us, and other times we get a babysitter. A couple of weeks ago we got a great babysitter named John. The kids love John and were so excited to see him and they talked his ear off and had a great night. But when we got home we found out that Talmage spent the whole night calling him Scott. I told him "Talmage, his name is John." He then told me very matter of factly, "I know Mom, but I call him Scott." Okay...whatever. All week they would talk about John/Scott and Talmage would call him Scott and then turn to me and tell me "His name is John, but I call him Scott." I guess as long as John doesn't mind.

I'll have much better pictures this next week. I promise... :)


Colette said...

Thanks so much for the post! We enjoy your blog and that dutch oven dessert sure looks good Kendall!

Sunny said...

It is amazing to me how different Mercedes looks from Avrianna yet they both look so much like you Melissa! How fun. Love the new family pictures by the way. Whenever I see a new one I think about the fact that I took one for you once! :) We sure miss you guys. Where did you get all of that pineapple by the way!

argylesocks said...

Talmage is crack up, always has been. Scott has a brother named John so I think that is extra funny. And I have to agree that Mercedes is too cute to be mad at. That must be trouble.

Heather said...

I think Sadie and Brooke are sisters. That is exactly what Brooke does when she doesnt want to nap! How funny they are. I don't mind cleaning it up, because I still got some time to myself... ;)