Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Today marks the 15th day after Kendall's birthday. So I am officially half a month late publishing this. Kendall had a quiet but fun 27th birthday. The kids helped me decorate the house for him and we had his favorite dinner, steak, french fries, a veggie of some sort (can't remember) and jello. Kendall doesn't like cake and the pie was a little too much for me in one day, but jello is way up there on his favorite things list. I made it layered and fancy to show him how much I love him. :) He still had to work on his birthday, but I sent him a little Birthday card in his lunch.

I just want to take a minute to tell Kendall how special he is to me. Kendall is amazing. He is the best supportive husband and father I have ever met. He is patient and loving and playful. In fact, I would even venture to say that he will probably never really grow up. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Kendall has so many talents. I have yet to find something that he CAN'T do and I am always amazed about this. Kendall is stubborn about all the right things and lets me have free reign of the things that are important to me. We really are a perfect match. Kendall always jokes that he can fix anything but a broken heart. But I think it's the truth.

Kendall was born January 11, 1983. Here he is telling me that he loved me already.
And who can resist this handsome guy?
Kendall loves holidays and Halloween is one of his favorites. He made this costume himself and even won an award for it!
This is Kendall's Court of Honor. He was very motivated and earned his Eagle at 14!
Kendall and I met in High School and started dating. This is Senior Prom and I was just crazy about him! A feeling that keeps growing every day that I know him.
After High School Kendall served in the Nagoya, Japan mission. Japan was not nice to him. He lost 40 pounds off his already very skinny body and had many health problems. But it was a growing experience for him which he loved. His testimony grew in leaps and bounds and he will never forget the experiences he had there.
A few months after Kendall got home a proposed to me, on the 3 year anniversary of our first date! He's so thoughtful! Here's my knight in shining armor.
Seven months later we were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. The first day of the rest of my eternal life with this wonderful man. This was totally a candid shot that my Uncle took. I love it because Kendall is playing with his ring. :)
As the years go on and we celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and new additions to our family I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me such a choice son of His. Kendall, I love you so much and I hope that you had a wonderful birthday and many more to follow!


Deb Nott said...

SO CUTE! Happy Birthday Kendall!

DeCaires Family said...

Your old pics are great! Looks like you guys are in Birthday season too!

Heather said...

So fun. I can't believe how much we all change in the short amount of time. (Not that there is any bad change...) Happy happy! Getting so excited to come out and see you guys!