Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Avri started preschool last week! She is getting so grown up, I can hardly believe it!With the schedule of preschool being from 12-2:30 she is officially out of napping, but I guess that doesn't mean that she isn't tired! This was Sunday while the other kids were napping.
She comes home every day and says "I learned a lot and I got to play." So I have to ask very specific questions so that she will tell me exactly WHAT she did. She is already learning about the exoskeletons of bugs, painting and cutting out shapes, and she's only been to preschool like 3 times! I think we are going to be really happy with this preschool program!


Stephen and Gabrielle said...

Preschool already?! Where does the time go?

Chaoyi said...

She sounds like she thinks things through before she says them. I am glad you like the preschool, that's always an added bonus.

Sunny said...

Wow, Avri took naps until now? Hyrum gave those up when he was 18 months old! On very rare occations he'll still take one and of course he gets sleepy around 4 or 5 and we can't let him sleep then. Wow Avri! School? That's so exciting! I hope you have a lot of fun and learn a lot too!

argylesocks said...

She is so adorable. Way to go Avri. I bet you are the smartest one in the class.

Chelsey said...

Oh my goodness! Time really does fly. I can't believe she's started preschool! I love the picture of her sleeping on the floor. It cracked me up! I hope all is well with your cute little family! I think of you often!