Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fondulac Farm Park

I have these pictures totally in reverse. And they are very late, but here they are. We went to Fondulac Farm Park a while back for their birthday celebration. At the end we got birthday cake and ice cream.
This is the kids in front of the old school bathroom. It took me like 12 shots to get a picture THIS good. Silly kids.
In the school house. Avri the student and Talmage, Mr. Distracted...
Sadie liked feeding the goats but was definitely nervous. She would give this worried little laugh that made me laugh.

The kids got lucky enough to pet one of the ducks that they had taken out of the pen to let play in the water.
It was a great day out. The kids had a blast and when we got home we were all tired from the sun, so nap time was WONDERFUL!


argylesocks said...

What fun. You are a very inspiring mother. What fun adventures with all your kids. I am so glad to hear all the good news. We will keep praying that you all will find a job.

Marilee said...

Looks so fun! We kept meaning to go again this summer but never made it. Maybe there is still time!