Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Much A'Do About Hair

As I was going through some recent pictures I noticed a strong hair theme. Here goes:

Kendall's hair growth experiment is still going strong. Here he is May 1st. It measured 5 cm long.
Now that Rigdon is getting a little bit older I have started up on an occasional hair-do or two on the girls again. Here are some pictures of some of the latest ones. Ballet recital:
For "Fashion Disaster Day" at school we did a bun-hawk:

Rainbow Day at school:
And a bit of a grown-up do, the Waterfall French Braid:
Sadie's hair is also getting a lot longer, and we were finally able to give her some decent french braids.
And she couldn't be left out of the crazy hair style:
Rigdon is proving to be quite the little hair grower himself. Here he is at exactly 7 months, getting his second big haircut! Let's hope he keeps his beautiful thick hair!

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Chaoyi said...

YOU MUST come over and do my girls' hair. I am afraid my daughters will never have experiences like yours do. I feel sorry for mine.

You are SOOOO talented at EVERYTHING!!!!!!