Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally, some videos of Rigdon

I do not have luck with uploading videos. They take me like an hour and a half to upload even a small one. But I have been working on a few videos of Rigdon and here they are. Some are old, and some are brand new. But I put his age at the beginning. Feel free to watch them or skip them. :)

First time eating rice cereal - December 29th - almost 4 months

Rigdon sucking on his tongue - February 2nd - almost 5 months
I thought this was so cute!

Making Rigdon laugh - February 8th - 5 months
This is just a normal lunch time around here.

Rigdon Tries a Pickle - April 14th - 7 months
This one is funny!

Sorry this next one is super out of focus. I set it up and didn't realize how blurry it was until after the fact. :( I'm still learning about the video setting on our new camera and I guess I need a bit more practice. haha.

Rigdon signing "more" - April 23rd - 7 1/2 months