Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rigdon at 6 weeks

Here are some random pictures of our 6 week old giant. We sure love this chunk! At 6 weeks he weighs 14 pounds - a feat the other kids took about 3 months to acquire! Here's my cute boy in his overalls.
And a close-up of those cheeks!
And one with a sneeze. :o)
Nap time with Grandpa.
Enjoying some tummy time. Can you believe how blond his hair is getting?
Enjoying some time talking with Daddy.
Rigdon was trying to sleep while Sadie was trying to get him to hold onto Nemo. I kept telling her to leave him alone before she woke him up. Silly me! He's a fourth child. The only thing that wakes him up is the house being too quiet!
Sadie just adores her baby brother!
Rigdon trying out the bunk bed with his big brother. Could Talmage's eyes get any bigger?
And story time with Avri. It was so cute, I sat him in her lap and she read him her library book from school. He actually fell asleep while she was reading to him. So precious!
This picture shows his true feelings about tummy time. Sleeping with a little smile on his face. :)


RJ and Teila said...

Holy cow Melissa! Your family is adorable! I miss you guys! Congrats on baby Rigdon! I can't believe Ammon is married! Time goes by so fast... when's Amber's turn ;) good luck with everything

argylesocks said...

He is a chunk. A super cute chunk. I hope you are all doing well.

Marilee said...

Okay, Ethan just had his 4-month check up and weighed...14 pounds! Crazy that Rigdon is already as big.

Christina Olson said...

What a healthy boy! My little guy was almost 21 pounds at his 6 month check-up. Your kids look like they just adore him, too cute!!

Williams Family said...

What a cute little guy!