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Our Family

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tour of the Fire Station

Every time I drive down the street where the fire station is Talmage asks when he can go in. He asks when he can drive a fire truck. He's totally fascinated. The kids have this little video that is of a book called "Dot the Fire Dog" and every time it comes on they all get so excited, and even Sadie sits there yelling "Dot the Fire Dog!!" So when a friend of mine from the ward set up a tour of the fire station I had to join in! We went a couple of weeks ago and the kids were totally enthralled! We learned about some of the equipment on the fire truck.
And the kids got to see the fireman in his full uniform. They like to do this for the little ones, so that if there were an emergency they would understand that this is actually a helpful person, not a scary monster. Some of the littlest kids got a little nervous, but Talmage just thought it was cool. (Isn't Sadie so cute, holding hands. Awwww...)

Here are a few of the kids that came, all lined up in front of the firemen's suits.
After we toured the very small station and saw where the firemen slept and exercised and cooked their meals and relaxed, they gave everyone a hat, coloring book, certificate, bookmark ruler and sticker! Talmage has worn his almost straight for two weeks. My favorite is at the store where everyone gives us weird looks. Oh well. Being a Mom is all about being embarrassed for the first few years and embarrassing THEM for the next few.
Here are a few of the kids sitting on the fire Engine. I didn't know the difference between a truck and an engine until this! The Engine carries the water and hoses, and not really anything else. The truck is much bigger and has the big ladders and all of the equipment for every emergency situation. Very cool.
After we left, Talmage kept telling me "Mom, I want to go into a burning house. I want to go into the fire." And then he puts on his helmet and tells me that he needs something to breathe in. I don't have a mask. I'll have to improvise something one of these days. This was VERY cool and I'll have to do it again some day!

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The Foxy Fam said...

How cute is that?! So fun! I love that he wears his hat everywhere. . .especially the grocery store!! :) If he needs a mask. . .how about a paint mask from home depot for like 25 cents? So super cute!! You may have a pyro in your midst!! :)