Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Job...Again!

So I realized just today that I still haven't posted about Kendall's new job! Last week Kendall was offered a job with Belcan, a company that he interviewed with 8 months ago, and we have been hoping to get on with them ever since. It is here in Peoria and is doing much the same thing that he was doing before he got laid off last March. He will be working on engines for Caterpillar. Belcan seems like a really good company to work for and has nice benefits and everything. And, they even have an office in Provo, so there is a good chance that somewhere down the road we could possibly transfer out there.

His current job has been going through some changes. The plant that he was working at moved to Nebraska, and so there are 3 of the guys at work that are on a rotation traveling to Nebraska, which means that Kendall goes on a business trip every third week. So he's home for two very short weeks and then gone for one very looonnngg week. So we are extremely excited that he will not be traveling anymore. He has one more business trip next week that he has to complete and then he will be starting his new job at Belcan on June 1st! And the great thing about this business trip is that we will be going with him! They put him up in a Residence Inn that is big enough for the family and has a kitchen. So we will go hang out in Nebraska for a few days and get to enjoy the pool. :)

The other great thing about him finding this job is that we knew his current job would be ending at the end of July. So now we don't have to worry about what we will do after that. We will have insurance and a job when the baby comes, and that is a huge relief. So we are very excited about the newest developments! Congrats Sweety on the new job and on being such a wonderful man!

**Since this is a post about Kendall, I will also put in this bit of info. I'm writing this while he is in surgery getting his esophagus stretched once again. The poor man will probably have to have this done roughly once a year for the rest of his life so that he doesn't choke on his food. :( It is outpatient and a pretty quick thing, but still not very exciting. But I'm sure glad that we can get it taken care of so that we don't have to have so many near-death experiences when he can't swallow. AND...this is the hardest part for Kendall. He has decided to give up pop. They told him that pop is very high acid and that is what causes his problems. We don't know if he needs to avoid other foods or not, but pop is going to be difficult for him to give up. He loves the stuff. So I'm proud of him for making this difficult decision.


amyrose said...

HEY! Where in Nebraska will you guys be? Cuz if it's in Lincoln you HAVE to come over for lunch, and run around in my backyard. We have a sandbox, and a swing set, and a park down the street... we'd love to see you guys! I am crossing my fingers that you're coming to Lincoln. crossed, crossed, crossed. :)

anoyce said...

Congrats on the new job! That sounds like it will work very nicely for you guys!

Chaoyi said...

sounds like lots are happening to your family. Hope everything goes well with you all. I am so happy that there is a promising job ahead of you!!

Marilee said...

Congrats on the new job! I am so happy he got one here and that he won't have to be travel anymore!

Anonymous said...

Yeah on the new job! That worked out perfectly! Are you guys still coming in July? Or does the new job cancel those plans? Congrats!!

Stephen and Gabrielle said...

Sorry to hear about the surgery, though it is good that he can get the problem taken care of (at least temporarily).

And congrats on the new job!