Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lincoln Children's Zoo

While we were in Nebraska this week I took the kids to the Lincoln Children's Zoo. Kendall missed out since he was at work. :( The zoo was really tiny, smaller than the Peoria Zoo, but it was a perfect size for kids who had been sick the night before. It gave us a great afternoon activity. And we did the entire thing in just over an hour.

Sadie loved the reindeer, only she kept calling them goats. Here she is in front of one of said reindeer/goats.
Avri was so excited that they had Bobcats, because she reminded me that next year in kindergarten she will BE a Bobcat. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it, but she got her picture taken next to the sign anyway.
This is a terrible picture, but this is the baboon that tried to attack Avri. It was really funny, actually. Sadie was throwing a king-sized temper tantrum, so I was telling her she needed to calm down before she scared all of the animals. Well, right after I said that this (female, I think) baboon came right up to the glass to check out the screaming child. She sat there watching and raising her eyebrows at us. She seemed so motherly to me, coming to see what was wrong with this poor baby human. (Does Tarzan come to mind for anyone else?) And when Avri came over and tried to touch her, Sadie hit her away at the same time that this Baboon threw herself at the glass - right at Avri! That was enough to scare Avri and even get Sadie to stop her screaming. Come to find out, raising eyebrows is a gesture of aggression! haha. Maybe she wasn't as motherly as I thought. But who knows. At least Sadie stopped screaming!

They had peacocks at this zoo, just like every other zoo I've ever been to. But this one had this beautiful white peacock who gave us a beautiful display!
As I was telling Kendall about all the animals he said "It sounds more like an aviary with a few other animals." It was true, they had a lot of birds. But they were fun. I think these were my favorite with their funny hairdos. I told Talmage they looked just like him. He didn't think that they used "gel-o" in their hair like he does though.
Even my kids all got to be little baby birds.
We all had a great time. And Daddy came to meet us just in time for dinner! So we went and got Ruby Tuesdays for Mom and Dad and the kids were thrilled to get hot dogs from Sam's Club. Glad they were so easily pleased. :)

After dinner we ventured down to the swimming pool, which was a bit chilly. It would have felt wonderful right after we had been out in the heat, but since we had cooled off in the room the kids were being chicken about it. We eventually got Talmage and Avri to enjoy the pool. But we couldn't convince Sadie to join us until we got into the hot tub. I was happy that the hot tub was a decent temperature for not only children, but pregnant ladies too!


amyrose said...

Hey! I'm glad the zoo didn't disappoint! It was so nice to have you guys stop by and visit, Hallie especially loved playing with Avri and Talmage. If you're ever out this way again, you know where to find us. :)

Heather said...

So fun! I love going to the zoo and how funny about that baboon! Brooke would have screamed even louder... so are you guys going to drive through Denver yet?

Chaoyi said...

How fun - looks like lots of animals came to greet your kids. There is nothing worst than going to the zoo where all the animals are in hiding...like what happened to us recently.