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Our Family

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Sadie Lady Bug!

Happy Second Birthday Mercedes! We are so happy that you are a part of our family!!Sadie is a very stubborn child, which we learned before she was ever born. She put me through labor for 3 weeks before the doctors finally took pity on me. I guess I'm so huge that they couldn't even fit my head in the picture! Does anyone else think that looks gross?
When she was finally born she was just beautiful! She was our biggest baby at 7 lbs 15 oz and she was 20 inches long. She was also the most high maintenance child we've had yet. We always joke that we named her Mercedes because she was expensive and high maintenance, which is completely not true.
Here I am, happy to have my sweet little bundle on the outside!
Avri and Talmage both thought she was just fabulous! (They all look so little!!)
Sadie took about 10 second to get her Daddy completely wrapped around her tiny little finger. She is such a little Daddy's girl.
We wanted both sets of Grandparents to be a part of her Blessing, so we ended up going the non-traditional route and blessed her at Kendall's parents' home. It was a beautiful blessing, and we were able to be so relaxed about it all and do things on our time table. It was perfect!
Kendall is NOT a nap taker. However, Mercedes was born only 4 weeks before his Graduation from UVU and he was working full time while going to school and applying for jobs. Only 2 weeks after graduation we had moved across the country with our little clan. It was a very busy time. I frequently caught Kendall and Mercedes curled up together like this.
Every time I think of my sweet baby girl, I have to laugh. This little girl has known from the minute she was born how to make us laugh. As a tiny little baby she had this little eyebrow trick that she would kind of raise her eyebrows at you while she was smiling, and it was the most flirtatious look.
A little after her first birthday we found that she had a hemangioma (a tumor of blood vessels) that was growing under the skin right by her right eye. This was changing the shape of her eye and also her vision. So, she got glasses to prevent further problems and having to patch her eye later on. I was so nervous about putting my baby in glasses, but she did so well with them and looked way too cute. She wasn't even walking yet, but those glasses made her look so much older!
Daddy's girl, again. :)
Sadie LOVES sweet things. She has a nose for candy and she loves to lick the beater if I'm making something sweet and yummy.
She also loves popcorn and pretzels and will be completely content as long as she has a little bag of snacks to carry around the house with her.
This picture is just because I'm a super sucker for sleeping babies. Isn't she the cutest?
Mercedes has grown up so much in the last little bit. She is talking up a storm and is mostly understandable now. Even though she is the youngest (for now, anyway) she holds her own with her siblings.
Sadie's favorite color is Yellow, and her favorite movie(s) is/are anything Harry Potter. (Go figure! Not very age appropriate, but that's what she asks for.) She doesn't like eating nearly as much as the rest of our family, unless we are having rice and then she will have third helpings.

Happy Birthday sweet little child!


Harrisons said...

I can't believe she's already 2!! And no that picture of you pregnant doesn't look gross.....because that's exactly what I'm seeing when I look in the mirror these days!

Heather said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Sadie!!! You look so old and are so cute! We miss you bunches!

p.s. melissa you don't look gross in your pregnant picture. it's rather cute, but makes me uncomfortable to look at... since we're both on our way there again! ;)

Christina Olson said...

She is such a beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday Sadie!

Chelsea said...

What a sweet post - and Sadie is such a doll! I'm especially in love with the picture of her sleeping ... that is just always the sweetest thing to me :)

danniellespackman said...

Happy Birthday Sadie! What a doll! Hope you had a great day!

Greg & Andrea said...

She is such a cute little girl! What a joy to your family :)

argylesocks said...

She is seriously so cute. I cannot believe how fast time is going by. I hope you are feeling good. And a quite late happy birthday to Sadie.